South Melbourne Extension – Courtyard Living

With an existing heritage dwelling to retain and only 86 square metres of land in total to build, this extension project is a Victorian terrace house located in South Melbourne. The project incorporates a contemporary reinterpretation of a heritage building.

The building comprises two distinct parts: restoration of the existing dwelling and a modern extension. The two parts are connected by an internal courtyard that creates a clear visual separation from the original dwelling, which emphasises the past, and the new extension, which is representative of the present.

The internal courtyard constitutes the centre space of the house. It encourages natural light within the internal space and improves the overall light quality of this small parcel of land. It blurs the boundary between internal and external space, and it connects the old and new.

On the first floor there is a bedroom suite with a separate living area. Additionally, with its views of the courtyard below, the large north-facing terrace creates a spatial connection with the ground floor.